China Trade Consultants: Services Offered

Industry Reports

Detailed reports of market intelligence and market trends in China relative to your business sector, and analysis of future trends affecting your ability to sell into China or buy from Chinese suppliers.

  • Fee: $2,500-$25,000 for initial report
  • $1,500 per quarterly update (optional)
  • $300-$1,000 “mini studies” that reveal key companies in specific business sectors (optional & quoted on a project basis according to scope of research activity)

Financial Profile Reports

Develop a report on a potential trading partner in a specific business sector (e.g., aluminum manufacturing, rubber additives, pharmaceuticals), including corporate overview, history, location, plant specifics, biographies of key management and reflections from customers and suppliers on dealing with each company. Interaction between CTC and client would occur through an online questionnaire and via e-mail and telephone correspondence.

  • Fee: $1,095
  • $1,895 includes 2 additional updates within 12 months

Bidding Opportunities

  • Identification & qualification of bidding opportunities (e.g., RFQs, RFPs)
  • Interaction with management of companies issuing RFQs or RFPs, or soliciting business, to obtain more detailed information about specific sales or purchasing opportunities.
  • Fee: $500, includes 1/2-day onsite meeting or phone conference to establish client’s needs, PLUS:
  • $800/mo. for 4 months (includes 32 hours of research & consulting services)
  • $720/mo. for 8 months (includes 64 hours of research & consulting services)
  • $650/mo. for 12 months (includes 96 hours of research & consulting services)

NOTE: Clients purchasing the 12-month option will receive a $500 discount.

Industry-Specific Sales Representation

  • Introduction to potential customers or suppliers in China
  • Build & maintain relationships with key customers,
    prospects & suppliers in China
  • Establishing a Physical Presence in China
  • Sourcing Chinese Products
  • Marketing Your Products in China
  • Marketing Chinese-made Products in the United States
  • Fee: Variable, based on parameters of assignment

Executive Briefings/Cultural Training

  • 1/2-day or Full-day sessions on:
  • State of the Chinese Economy (relative to your industry/business sector)
  • Business Etiquette
  • Negotiation Skills
  • General Cultural Awareness
  • Finding an Agent/Representative to distribute, or buy and re-sell, your product in China
  • Making Living Arrangements in China
  • Fee: $850/half-day session, plus expenses, 1 or more days training/briefings to be quoted based on subject matter and location (up to 4 people included at no extra charge)

Translation/Interpretation Services

  • Translation of printed/online materials
  • Interpretation of verbal communication during teleconference or meeting,
    in the United States or in China
  • Fee: Variable, based on parameters of assignment

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